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In a lifetime, individuals give an average of 91,000 hours to their jobs. That’s a lot of hours. Instead of just counting them, why not make each one count?

The key to employee productivity
Everyone agrees that employee satisfaction is important, just like a solid business plan and coffee in the breakroom – yet achieving it can be elusive. And all too often, efficiency experts focus only on system improvements, overlooking (or even alienating) those who have to implement them. But for maximum productivity to take place, you need your employees’ goals aligned with your own.

Get your employees on board
Clare Monteau’s two-pronged approach combines proven productivity tools such as Lean/Six Sigma with the latest in positive psychology, so you can harness your employees’ energy and enthusiasm while optimizing your workplace procedures. By incorporating employees in the process, we inspire them to create greatness for themselves as well as for your business.

Whether on the shop floor or in the executive suite, we maximize the value and contribution of every employee in your organization, making your business success everyone’s business.

A customized approach
Clare creates tailor-made programs that will:

• Debottleneck your processes so you can do more of what you make money doing

• Equip your employees with systematic skills to enhance your profitability

• Transform problems and complaints into fuel for improvement

A customized approach ensures that the tools and information delivered impact your current business goals. We help identify the challenges you face, while developing strategies to meet them head on.

How about creating powerful processes that deliver high quality, reproducible results for your business, while maximizing both employee effectiveness and employee experience? Learn about the possibilities for the next level of your business here.

(I’m also working on some top secret offerings for launch in early 2017, for women only. If you’d like to hear more about these, drop me an email at with the subject line “Alchemy for Women”.)