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Coaching-Alchemy for Women

clare monteauImagine if you could:
-Create gold from every situation, for yourself and others
-Use every emotion you experience to enhance your life
-Tap into your inner guidance system to create the life you want.

For the past 17 years, I have travelled through the worlds of academic science, male dominated manufacturing, management and leadership environments, and business ownership. I am committed to creating new experiences for women in their own worlds, creating better relationships at work and at home, to get what they want.

Through weekly 1:1 calls (and online support), this new 3 month offering will give you:
• Practices to make every situation propel you forward towards your desires
• Tools to transform your emotions into your most powerful ally
• Increased confidence in who you are, what you stand for, and your inner guidance system

Every emotion you feel right now, even as you are reading this, is the fuel to create your dreams. It’s time to use it.

Investment: $1485  (can be split into 3 x $495 payments)

From time to time, I am creating time in my schedule for 30 min calls with any woman who wants to explore a place they feel stuck, a big dream they have, a fear that is in the way, or a place they feel trapped- and what is possible if something shifted. My current clients are seeing themselves as a stronger force to be reckoned with than they ever thought possible, are excavating beliefs holding them back and feeling and using their drive to stay accountable, and have their dreams take shape.

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My new offerings appeal to women who have achieved professional success and want to make more room for magnificence. Or, perhaps despite professional success, there is still self doubt lurking in certain situations and interactions. Let’s replace that with a sense of power, connection and creativity.

I’m also hosting online programs and retreats starting Fall 2017. If you would like to be the first to know about these programs, drop me an email with the subject line “Alchemy for Women”.

“Clare's workshop on leadership was on point, professional and engaging! Our audience noted overwhelming appreciation for her presence and felt that she specifically addressed issues they regularly face. We heartily endorse Clare's business - and look forward to continued collaboration.”
- Laurie Cooper Program Manager, Capital Region Theological Center