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This 6 month engagement is designed for those who want support, guidance and tools to take your business to the next level.

We will create:

  • Clarity around the major roadblocks to your business growth.
  • Dashboards to run your business by, from business performance to individual performance.
  • Easy to implement action plans with built in accountability to remove those roadblocks.
  • Employees with effective tools, talking the same language and working together to fix problems, so you don’t have to.
  • Increased performance in metrics that matter: revenue, quality and capacity.
  • Systems that make problems immediately visible and immediately dealt with.
  • Employees who see their own success aligned with business success, doing the best work of their life, in service to your organization.

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“Clare brings an incredible amount of substance to the table in an area where one could simply spin the rhetoric of lean thinking and operational improvement strategies. Instead, Clare rolls her sleeves up and methodically deconstructs the operation to the micro detail level while always maintaining a connection to the big picture and overall objectives.  She gets at root cause to waste issues and involves the team in coming up with real solutions.  She then maintains a connection even after she leaves to ensure that managers and team members alike are continuing to move forward and check/adjust the action plan as required.  It’s also quite obvious (and refreshing) that conscious effort to ensure her services are undeniably value-added.  She really cares.  She does a great service to consultants in general, where often times we pay top dollar for ‘expert’ consultation services only to be given lecture on lofty principles without any real substance in the form of the application of those principles to the complex issue at hand.

In short she delivers real results.”
- Christian Phillips Senior Director, AMRI Burlington