Lessons from Mother Nature

Author // Clare Monteau

Does this time of year make you feel like slowing down, doing less, spending more time inside? Excellent. I’m a big proponent of listening to the body and letting it guide us-and if you ever say “I wish had more time to myself”, let NOW be the time to do so.  Let the long nights and cooler air be the reminder you need to be with yourself more, to slow down the pace of your life and cultivate your inner strength. I was reading a magazine advice column last week in which a reader asked for help with their lower energy and zest for life in the winter, and rather than see those symptoms as something to fix, it sounds perfectly natural to me-why would we humans be excluded from the seasonal shift that all living things feel?  
Although this change in energy and mood can be due to less sunlight and changing melatonin levels and there are ways to reduce the effect of that, I also wonder if there isn’t some greater intelligence at work, encouraging us to use the seasonal change to our advantage. And if you are inclined to do so...
... here are some ways to get with the seasonal program currently on offer from Mother Earth: results may include feeling calmer, more connected to yourself, and more restful sleep.
  1. Go to your bedroom 15-30 min earlier and create a night-time ritual. This could be writing a gratitude list for the day, a desire list for tomorrow, or listening to a relaxing meditation to send you to sleep.
  2. Have dinner by candlelight-as well as being romantic (your kids will love it:-)), this can be a really good way of giving your body a rest from artificial light, which we tend to be bombarded with in the winter months and can play havoc with our internal clocks. Try it once a week and see if you feel a difference in your energy on those nights. 
  3. Take your time with something you normally rush. Whether its massaging your scalp for 1 delicious minute while applying conditioner, holding your coffee or tea under your nose and taking a big inhale of it’s aroma, or taking a moment to blow yourself a kiss in the mirror after washing your hands, gift yourself these moments of acknowledging the miracle of being alive in this moment. 

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