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Clare Monteau works offers organizations a variety of ways to work together:

Elevate performance, leadership, and communication through Clare Monteau's signature program, Neuroscience with Heart, comprised of two cornerstone components: Leadership Revolution and Change Your Mind...Create New Results. This compassionate, scientific approach helps organizations and senior leadership get to the root of their issues and implement solutions that work.

During the discovery call, I’ll ask questions to assess how I think I can best support you (and your team). Programs are customized based on team size, needs, and core challenges, and can include self-guided activities, coaching, and additional leadership and team development workshops.

Lets talk and explore solutions to expand your leadership capacity.

Leadership Revolution

Knowing ourselves is the root of effective leadership and allows teams to meet each other with compassion, confidently respond to circumstances and build their capacity to influence. Cutting-edge research-based strategies are offered to enhance individual and team performance across the organization. Everything DiSC is applied to drive self-awareness, and to acknowledge our unique priorities and motivators. Teams are strengthened through participating in this process together, with support from Clare through ongoing coaching, and organizations quickly reap the benefits of understanding workstyles through this objective—versus subjective—approach.

Navigating change is at the heart of organizational success.

Clare smiling with her left hand her on hip, standing in front of a New York City brownstone with potted flowers. There are leaves on the ground.

Change Your Mind, Create New Results

Navigating change is at the heart of organizational success, and requires leaders and teams to establish new routines to support their future. This revolutionary, neuroscience-based program creates new thought patterns to help people lead more effectively. We know change is difficult and when faced with stressful or challenging situations, people have an even harder time summoning new, more productive behaviors. While most programs teach people how to develop a new skill, this program goes far beyond that to uncover what it takes to establish cognitive networks and move from: thinking to doing to being. This trifecta is where true change happens, and where organizations move into a new paradigm of success.

"Clare has the ability to share the science and hold space as I connect to my own self awareness ... Clare's coaching has been vital to the new awarenesses I have needed to make conscious changes in both my personal and business life. Clare has been great in offering me the support as well as science so I could understand my own resistances and change the things that are causing much anxiety, much I was unaware of before. She understands business and how to implement steps for positive changes."

Kathleen G.

Team Elevation

Understanding ourselves and others better is the root of effective communication. This team approach will focus on strengthening communication, building relationships, and deepening trust. Teams will explore self mastery through the lens of emotional intelligence, delivering strategies to manage their nervous system, and improve their thinking. At an individual and team level, this program creates powerful and productive relationships that transform performance.

A woman sitting at a desk in a corporate environment; another woman leans over and writes in an open notebook in front of them while speaking.

"We highly recommend Clare to any growing business who is looking inward with the desire to create a better, happier work environment, not just for their employees, but for themselves as well."

Noel Fedosh, LUNO Design Studio
Clare sitting on a blue couch, smiling and speaking while holding a paper in her right hand.


Replace frustration and self-doubt with a sense of power, connection and creativity. Clare creates a customized approach for your body, mind, soul and spirit, so you can lead yourself powerfully to create the results you want. Pulling from Clare's broad training and experience in corporate leadership, embodiment practices and wisdom traditions, this unique coaching relationship delivers transformative results. Clare offers coaching packages to her existing clients.

"From the moment we hopped on a call with her, we were hypnotized by Clare's energy and ability to help us understand what team challenges we faced at our agency."

David Hunter, hunterblu media